180 million people watched the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2017

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The three shows of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest from 9th of May to 13th of May were watched by totally 182 million people across the 42 participating countries. The viewing figures therefore fell down by 22 million compared to last year. The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is therefore the less watched contest since 2014 in Denmark with 170 million people watching. The reason for the low viewing figures were due to the non broadcast of the Russian Channel, which brought 14 million viewers last year in Stockholm.

However the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest got the same audience share as in 2016 with 36.2%. This audience share is indeed very huge as it is “more than double the average prime-time viewing share for the same group of channels (15.8%)”.

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest was watched by 6 million people live on the ESC Youtube channel, which is compared to 2016 more than the double amount of viewers. The number rose up to 8.4 million viewers after the grand final.

Below you can find some interesting facts about the viewing figures of the different countries:

Portugal: An average of 1.4 million people watched the Grand Final, representing 32.5% of Portuguese TV viewing. The contest is the most watched one in Portugal since 2008.

Bulgaria: 650 thousand people watched the 2017 ESC in Bulgaria, representing 39.4% of Bulgarian TV viewing. Bulgaria also brought their record with their most watched contest since 2003.

Italy: Due to the high expectations of a good result with Francesco Gabbani, viewing figures reached the top since their return of 2011 with 3.6 million Italian viewers, 15% more than last year.

Germany: Due to poor results in the past, Germany lost about 2 million viewers compared to last year and the contest was the least watched show since 2011. About 7.4 million German viewers tuned in for 2017.

Ukraine: Host country Ukraine also brought their record for the most watched contest in history since 2009 with 1.5 million Ukranians watching, representing 18.8% of Ukranian TV viewing.

Iceland: The largest viewing share among the 42 countries came once again from Iceland with a total of 98% of Icelandic TV viewing despite not making the final for the third year in a row. A total of 150.000 people watched the 2017 ESC in Iceland, even 16% more than in 2016, making it the biggest audience since 2014 when Iceland reached the final the last time.

The younger audience prefered to watch the 2017 ESC with 42.9% of the younger audiences between 15-24 in average watched the grand final.

Source: EBU.ch

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