Israel: KAN joined the EBU (?), will Israel participate?

Eurovision 2018

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During the grand final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest the Israeli spokesperson announced during the jury voting that the Israelian national broadcaster IBA will close it doors and Israel therefore won’t return to the Eurovision Song Contest in the future.

Instead a new Israelian national broadcaster opened its doors. KAN is the new national broadcaster of Israel, which is created by the Israelian government after discussions that the costs of IBA were too high.

From today on KAN is an official EBU member those allowing Israel to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest in the future. More details regarding Israels participation will follow in due course.

Update: The application proccess of KAN is pending according to the EBU.


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  1. aizenimr says:

    The application proccess of KAN is currently pending, and for a good reason:
    Due to far-to-many political interest, and the fact that the foundation of new public broadcaster in Israel encountered much political mess (even though this new entity is necessary, as the old IBA was not functioning and inefficient), KAN was split to two separate corporations:
    1. One which broadcast anything BUT the news.
    2. News corporation.
    According the the EBU protocols, any member must have its own news broadcasting dept. which cannot be in a separate. This, as you can see, is not the case here. We got 2 separate broadcasters which is not in accordance with EBU demands.
    So now the EBU is having difficulties in finalizing KAN’s request.
    The reasons for this separation are purely political and poses a strong threat on Israel’s public broadcasters’ freedom of speech. The “news corporation” was created hastily and for the sole reason of Prime Minister’s office to control it, in light of recent serious corruption allegations involving the Israeli Prime Minister (3 different simultaneous investigations, to be exact).
    Now the EBU is somewhat experiencing the backlash of this entire mess, and speaking as an Israeli tax paying citizen, I feel embarrassed (to say the least).

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