Salvador Sobral gets criticism after Mancherster attack statement: “He’s an inept idiot”


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He’s the winner of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest for Portugal and managed to gain Portugals first ever Eurovision win. Now Salvador Sobral apparently makes a statement about the Manchester attack where many people died and got injured including children among them. In the interview with RTP1 Salvador says: “A lot of importance is given only to certain attacks, and I would like to hear about those attacks that aren’t reported about. I know that it’s very difficult, almost impossible, especially with social media, since it gives a lot of importance to them. It would be good if there was an agreement in the media about the reporting of terror attacks.”


This statement caused a lot of criticism including the famous Portuguese actor Maria Vieira. She is one of the critics.  She made a comment with her facebook page that: “This guy is an inept idiot who does not say what he knows or knows what he says”.


Salvador is not the only one who Maria Vieira criticised in the future: Ana Bola, Diogo Morgado, Dolores Aveiro and Barack Obama are some of them.


What do you think about the statements of Salvador Sobral? Does he mean it really on the way he says or is there any metaphor for the S.O.S Refugees supporter?


Source: Jornal de Noticias, Sydsvenskan (image), (image)

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