Jamala blames organisers: “They didn’t do their job, they didn’t protect me.”

Eurovision 2017

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The winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest Jamala has spoken about the prankster who showed his butt during Jamalas performance of her new song “I believe in U” as an interval act at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

The man who jumped to the stage with an Australian flag was identified as the famous Ukranian prankster Vitaly Sedyuk who was released without charge.

Jamala blamed the organisers for not being able to protect her. She stated that: “I saw everything and I’ll tell you more. He was more frightened, because I did not care. I just sang my song, I carry the message that I need to do“. He did not seem to understand why I was not scared. I did my job. I had a premiere of the song. I’m singing to the camera, I’m doing my job. He could push me, hit me. To the guards and to the organisers I have many questions. Because I did my job, but they did not. They did not protect me. There were hundreds of guards there. They gave him 30 seconds to run and run. This is a very bad moment, we need to find out who is to blame.”


Watch the attempt of the prankster during Jamalas performance below:


Source: Secular Life TV Show in Ukraine

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