“Turkish and Slovenian jury agreed to give points to each other”, Turkish commentator talks about Eurovision


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On Monday, the 10th of April 2017 former Turkish Eurovision commentator Bülent Özveren spoke to a radio station about Turkeys participation at the Eurovision Song Contest.

During the show Bülent Özveren talked about how TRT chose the entrants, the backgrounds of the proccess behind the organisation and about Jamala, the winner from the 2016 contest for Ukraine.

Bülent Özveren stated:”In the past where the voting system was 100% jury, the Turkish and Slovenian jury agreed to give each other round about 5 points. We did this as the Turkish public was angry that Turkey didn’t receive points in the past.”

He continued: “The general director of TRT Senol Göka told to me two years ago that TRT decided to participate again. Later on he changed his mind again. There’s no hope that Turkey will return to Eurovision as the general director grew up within TRT.”

He added that: “After 2012, as we discussed who we shall send in 2013, the general director came to me and said that Turkey won’t participate at Eurovision. This decision is wrong, the only night where TRT finishes 1st in the ratings are the Eurovision nights. The Turkish public loves Eurovision, if you don’t participate why don’t you broadcast it? A totally wrong decision which I told the general director of TRT in March.”

Speaking about Jamala he said that he liked Jamala and the winning song 1944.

As the general director Senol Göka resigned from his post and the new general director is yet to be announced, what do you think about the future chances for a return of Turkey to the contest? Let us know in the comments below.

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