Germany working on new national final concept

Eurovision 2018

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Thomas Schreiber, entertainment coordinator of ARD, the German national broadcaster has revealed that NDR will hold a national selection once again with changes being made into the format after the dissapointing result of Levina this year in Kyiv.

Thomas Schreiber answered to the question if Helene Fischer will ever represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest that: “I’m not sure if this was meaningful. We already spoke with her management in the past and she won’t do it but you can surely be excited about the concept of our national selection.”

Therefore he officially confirmed that NDR will held a national selection to choose the German entry for the contest and that they are currently working on a new format after the dissapointing results in the past three years.

What do you think about Germanys future Eurovision participation formats? Should Germany consider internal selections? Let us know in the comments section below.

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