Turkvision to be cancelled due to court decision


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The Turkvision Song Contest, the alternative contest first being held in 2013 in Turkey, Eskisehir after Turkey decided to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest is appearently to be cancelled by court decision. The contest was planned to be held in Kazakhstan this year in August.

The production company stated: “The “TURKAVISION” Turk-world song contest project was created by me on 15th December 2008 and was held by some people in 2013 with changes being made and under the name “Turkvision”. After some law battles it was decided that this project belongs to me and decisions to these kind of projects have to be confirmed by me. Many broadcaster organisations had to pay compensations for that. The Copyright of the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Copyrights stated that “TURKAVISION” is owned by me. By suing TRT I got the project and hope that this project will continue regularly. Because of that they did a project for a long time which wasn’t owned by them (TMB TV), gained money and reputation unfairly. I kindly ask not to pay attention to the authorities of TMB TV. When the infrastructure conditions are met the TURKAVISION” project will continue under my responsibilities and obligations. More information will be given by our general coordinator Serdar TUGRUL. With respect, Onur FURAT.”

Furat Emir answered to the question if the contest will continue this year and if authorities agreed to work with him that: “Deputy Minister of Culture of Kazakhstan called me and said that he wants to do the contest under the EXPO 2017 program in September. However they canceled the contest this year as they signed an agreement with TMB TV (who don’t have the rights) without asking my permission and being unaware of the judgment. And while this agreement is no longer valid, the TMB TV authorities have shown that this issue seems to be a legal problem. But our infrastructure work continues and we hope that we can held the contest in December. There won’t be a contest in August (because of copyright issues). All the work of the project where we aren’t involved in are illegal and invalid. The court decision also stated that decisions about the contest and similar contests have to be approven by me. When this shouldn’t be the case they would commit a serious crime.”

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