Manel Navarro talks about Mirela & Organisations: “They just did bad management.”

Eurovision 2017

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Manel Mavarro, the 2017 Spanish Eurovision representative gave an interview to the magazine Shangay, where he talked about the critics he received, the relationship he mantains with the media, the controversy about his steps through ‘Objetivo Eurovisión’ and his actual relationship with Mirela.

About his steps through the national selection, Manel tells at the interview that he could’ve been the scapegoat of an strategy that didn’t depend on him. “I think the things were made wrong, all the drama could’ve been avoided if the appropiate people had talked in the right moment. But it didn’t happen, and therefore I’ve carried a hate since the first day that has harmed the candidature”, assured at the magazine cited before.

For his partner Mirela, he has positive words. He assures she is a marvelous person, and even if they tried to meet, their agendas have prevented that moment from happening. Navarro also wanted to talk about the supposed veto of the public channel to the singer of “Contigo”: “She does not deserve it, but it is true that after what her team made after the selection it’s normal that there would be some consequences. I think everything would have been arranged with a simple message like ‘I support Manel, lots of luck'”.

Manel Navarro talks about TVE and its Eurovision song. The young singer believes that his song “Do It For Your Lover” was not a good song for the European musical contest, since he composed it with 15 years old and he did not take care of the lyrics in Spanish. “I’ve tried to bring my new single as a first choice, but you can not always go with the song that you want …”, says Navarro. He also emphasizes that once the festival has passed he does not know anything about the TVE team. “I have not talked to the people I am referring to. I do not say they are bad people, they just did bad management,” he adds.The singer from Sabadell is making fun of all the jokes about the squawk that came out in his performance, however he says he felt a lot of personal disappointment. “I wanted to get off the stage happy, knowing that everything had gone well, and I could not do it,” says the Catalan. Likewise, it is also clear that thanks to the unforeseen, he has been called by many programs.


Thanks to Aless Azalea for translating the article.

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