Russia confirms participation but WITHOUT Yulia Samoilova?

Eurovision 2018

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Last night Philip Kirkorov made a suprising and unexpected statement at the MUZ TV Music Awards in Russia.

After Yulia Samoilova, the 2017 Russian Eurovision entrant received a ban from the Ukranian government to enter Ukraine and therefore was not eligible to compete at the contest, the Russian broadcaster announced that Yulia Samoylova will represent Russia at Eurovision next year in Portugal.

However things seem to change as Philip Kirkorov stated yesterday at the show that Russia confirms its participation for next years contest in Portugal and that they are already searching their entrant. Does that mean that Yulia won’t represent Russia next year? We have to wait and see how the story develops.

What do you think about the statement? Do you think that Yulia was used as an instrument to damage Ukranian image? Would you like to see her representing Russia next year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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