Atiye chosen by TRT to represent Turkey 2 years ago! Possible Turkish return next year?


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Sinan Akcil, a well known Turkish singer, songwriter and composer, who composed the 2009 Eurovision entry from Turkey “Düm Tek Tek” by Hadise was a guest in a radio show of AlemFM in Turkey.

During the interview he told suprising news about TRT and Eurovision. Sinan Akcil stated that Atiye was chosen by TRT, the Turkish national broadcaster to represent Turkey two years ago at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with a song composed by Sinan Akcil. According to him TRT later changed his mind and decided to withdraw once again. He added that the management team of TRT has changed so that Turkey could return to Eurovision next year.

This statement by Sinan Akcil matches with the statement of Bülent Özveren, former Turkish Eurovision commentator that the former general director Senol Göka told him two years ago that Turkey will return to Eurovision in 2016 but later changed his mind again.

Atiye is a well known Turkish superstar born in Germany who had lots of hits in Turkey including “Salla” and “Uyanda Gel” and is currently storming the charts with “Maazallah”. According to rumours she was already contacted by TRT to represent Turkey in 2013 with “Bring Me Back”.


What do you think about Turkeys non-participation at the contest? Would you like to see Atiye representing Turkey in the future? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: AlemFM (Sinan Akcil as guest speech during the show)


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