Turkish singer Hadise is back with “Champion” and goes viral


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She’s the 2009 Turkish Eurovision representative with “Düm Tek Tek” placing fourth in the grand final. Now the Turkish queen is back with her brand new album “Champion” which she released on 29th of June 2017!


After winning the latest season of The Voice of Turkey, Turkish singer Hadise released her new album “Sampion” (=Champion) with 9 tracks, two of them being a remix (one from the viral Turkish DJ Mahmut Orhan). The album includes mainly pop music but also gives us some Spanish vibes, that’s how you slay! The tracks mainly include mainstream sounds and some oriental influences from Turkey. We can only advice you to take a look and listen! You can buy the album on iTunes (click here).

The album immediately stormed the charts worldwide especially in Turkey, debuting at #2 in the iTunes charts. The album also stormed the charts in her born country Belgium (#10), Germany (#76), Denmark (#33), The Netherlands (#37), Austria (#31), Brazil (#89) and in Switzerland (#119).

She has just released her new first music video from her latest album called “Sampion”.


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