Turkey: TRT has a new general director! You can bring Turkey back to Eurovision! (Call for Action)

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Since 2013 TRT, the Turkish national broadcaster doesn’t participate at the Eurovision Song Contest stating that they disagree with the BIG 5 rule and the 50% jury voting system. Since then there were several rumours about a possible Turkish return, none of them became reality unfortunately. However in 2015, as TRT got a new general director things started to change. Senol Göka, the new general director of TRT responded to the trending topic projects on Twitter and started negotiating with the EBU which led TRT to choose its entrant for the 2016 contest Atiye (read more here). Unfortunately TRT changed its mind later again, withdrawing from the contest until today.

But there’s hope! TRT has undergone several changes! Important employees on several leading positions in TRT, including the general director and the director of TRT Müzik has been fired or resigned by themselves. TRT got new employees on these leading positions of the broadcaster which caused new hopes for a possible Turkish return. The new general director of TRT is Ibrahim Eren. He also worked with the current EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre in the past, so a possible return might be just around the corner.

He said about his new post as the general director that: “TRT will continue its goal of being active in Turkey and in the world with its production and publications based on national culture.”


That’s why Turkish fans will come together on Twitter on Wednesday, 12.07.2017 at 19:30 CET to start a trending topic project. Twitter page Eurovisn_Turkey (click here) will start the TT project with many important Turkish blogs and twitter celebrities including politicians from the second largest party in Turkey CHP. You can also help to bring Turkey back to the contest! At 19:30 CET Eurovisn_Turkey will post the tag that hundreds of people will tweet on Twitter to get attention from TRT employees including the general director Ibrahim Eren. These projects helped TRT to start talkings with the EBU in the past so every tweet counts.

Join us at 19:30 CET today on Twitter! Spread the message to many people as possible! Don’t forget: every tweet will count to get attention!


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