Sertab Erener: “Turkey will come back to Eurovision next year!”

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She’s the only winner of Turkey and the queen of many Turkish Eurovision fans: Sertab Erener, who won the competition in 2003 in Riga and brought the contest to Turkey, Istanbul in 2004.

Yesterday Sertab made a rather suprising announcement about the participation of Turkey in Eurovision 2018. During her Instagram live session one of her fans asked her:”How do you feel about being the first Turkish singer who won Eurovision?” The answer from Sertab suprised us all. She said:”I’m very happy. I think TRT will participate at Eurovision next year again. So we will participate next year as our country. Let me tell you that. I hope the representative will win Eurovision but I also hope on the other side that the representative shall not win Eurovision so that I stay as the only winner. It’s an amazing thing but it’s also a very stressful and hard journey. Whoever who will represent us, I don’t know yet, I wish him/her the best of luck and patience.”

Yesterday Turkish Eurovision fans came together on Twitter to convince TRT to participate again. They made it to the trending topics in Turkey and stayed there for 12 hours. A huge success for the Turkish Eurofans. However no official statement was made from TRT itself. So we have to wait and see.

What do you think about Sertabs announcement? Do you think that Turkey shall return to the contest next year? Tell us in the comments section below.

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