MaNga confirms Turkeys Eurovision return for 2018!

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Speculations don’t end but this time it seems like an official announcement. MaNga announced on their official Twitter page that Turkey will return to Eurovision stating that:”Eurovision. Let’s do it again ;).” This also leads the question if MaNga will represent Turkey once again. Several members of MaNga retweeted the tweet. Social media went crazy after this statement from MaNga with #Eurovision trending in first place in Turkey.

See the tweet here!

There were huge speculations that Fatma Turgut will represent Turkey at Eurovision (read more here). This isn’t unpossible as MaNga just started to follow Fatma Turgut on Twitter which means that they both could do a project for Eurovision.

According to unofficial sources the official video producer of MaNga confirmed via Private Message to an unknown user that MaNga will represent Turkey at Eurovision next year.

However there are no official confirmations about this from TRT and the EBU. We will have to wait and see.

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Source: MaNga Twitter page, EscHoney

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