MaNga confirms they won’t participate at Eurovision!

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Yesterday Turkish fans got a shocked announcement by MaNga hinting that Turkey will return to Eurovision 2018 with MaNga representing Turkey (read more here).

However MaNga just announced on Twitter that they won’t represent Turkey next year. They stated in an official announcement that:”Hello. Yesterday after we heard that our country might participate at Eurovision next year, we wanted to share our general feelings about that. Our message was misunderstood that we will represent Turkey and led to huge excitement. We were proud and happy about that. Thank you for all the great messages. MaNga.”

See the tweet here!

This confirms that MaNga will not represent Turkey at the forthcoming competition but also doesn’t rule out that Turkey will return to Eurovision as MaNga might got some information that Turkey will return. We will have to wait and see how the story develops.

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Source: MaNga Twitter page

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