Fatma Turgut speaks about rumours:”I think TRT started with its meetings.”


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Yesterday evening Fatma Turgut, who was rumoured to represent Turkey at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest (read more here) spoke about the rumours of the potential return of Turkey in the competition during a live broadcast of Turkish broadcaster NTV.

Fatma stated that: “I’m very happy about the polls about possible Eurovision acts including me. I’m also very excited like everyone that our country will, might participate again at the forthcoming contest. I’m also happy that it might be me who represent Turkey. I didn’t get an offer from TRT.”

About asking Fatma about the rumours whether Sertab Erener suggested TRT Fatma Turgut to represent Turkey next year she answers:”Yes there are rumours but until now this isn’t the case. Nothing is decided yet to be honest but I think TRT already started with its meetings. Beside this, I’m following the latest updates.”

Asking Fatma whether she follows the contest she answered:”Of course. Eurovision is so important for us, I followed it before Sertabs victory too. But after the victory the importance grew and we continued to follow Eurovision. In the last years slow songs are on the foreground. I follow Eurovision closely since 2003 and I think that all the winners are great songs.”

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Source: NTV live broadcast

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