Hadise:”I would love to represent Turkey again.”

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She’s the 2009 Turkish Eurovision representative and has gained much success after her Eurovision entry “Düm Tek Tek” in Turkey and abroad. Currently she’s storming the charts with her new studio album “Sampion” (read more here).

But she’s ready to do Eurovision again. In a recent interview with Kral Pop Hadise talked about Eurovision and the rumours of returning. She stated that:”Eurovision is very important. I took part in 2009 and then we withdrew. I understand this as the voting system disturbed us. If TRT participates again I would love to represent my country again as Eurovision is a totally different world. You need a very good team for Eurovision. I remember that we visited many countries in 2009 and that I got very hard questions to answer. I tried my best to represent my country. If TRT offers me to participate, I would love to do so.”

Hadise is not the only one who wants to represent Turkey at Eurovision. Several Turkish artists stated that they would represent Turkey at Eurovision including Aynur Aydin, Fatma Turgut, Atiye and more.

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Source: Kral Pop

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