Inna would like to represent Romania and Turkey at Eurovision!


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She’s the Romanian singer who went international with her songs gaining important success abroad from Romania. Now she’s ready to go to Eurovision but not only for Romania but also for Turkey.

Inna stated in a recent interview that:”First of all I would like to represent my own country at Eurovision. If it’s going to happen the second time, I would like to represent Turkey. In my opinion Eurovision is for artists who want to become international, but I already managed to go international. Every year when Eurovision happens, I give a concert in a different country. You have to work hard and prepare yourself for the contest. I would have to invest 2 months of my program for Eurovision. This isn’t possible for now. I would like to represent Romania first as I’m proud of my country. For the second time I would love to do it for Turkey from my whole heart.”

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Source: HaberJet

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