Laura Groeseneken to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2018

Eurovision 2018

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The Eurovision 2018 season has officially started as Belgium announced its representative tonight. Laura Groeseneken will represent Belgium at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

VRT, the Belgian national broadcaster who is the broadcaster this year to determine the Belgian act for the Eurovision Song Contest opted for an internal selection in order to select its representative for the competition. There has been several rumours about possible Belgian representatives. VRT has made a special selection commitee to select the artist, which includes people from the broadcaster and external experts. After long talks with Belgian artists VRT decided to send Laura to Lisbon in 2018!

The song itself was not revealed in the show. It is not known how VRT will select the song. It is expected to be an internal selection within closed doors behind VRT and the artist.

Laura Groeseneken is known as SENNEK in Belgium. She mainly makes electronic music and writes her songs by herself. She co-wrote the song “Gravity” which was for a worlwide known advert campagne of “Chacharel”. The song became a huge hit in Belgium.

Listen to her performance of “Butterfly” below:


What do you think about Laura? Do you think Belgium can make it to the final once again? Tell us in the comments section below.

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