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The interview season on EurovisionHeadline started! We did an interview with this years Estonian representative Elina Nechayeva where we talked about her musical experiences in the past and about her upcoming Eurovision attent in Lisbon and many more.

1. Elina you started with music quite early as you already took part in children’s choir at a young age. How did you discover your amazing voice? How did you start with music?

I went to sing in a choir when I was four and one day I understood that I had the loudest and highest voice. Then I got to sing some solos and I really enjoyed being on the stage and performing, and that’s how I decided I wanted to be a singer.

2. You studied at the University of Tallinn and also at the Georg Ots Music School and you got your masters degree in academic vocal performance from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre so you have quite a lot of lessons behind you. How did you develope throughout the years? What did you learn from all of these experiences?

The thing I have most learned is to not take professional criticism personally. People you work with just want you to do your best and the criticism is to make you better, and not taking it personally is the key.

3. In 2013 you won the competition „Laulusild” and reached the second place at various competitions. How did these journeys affect your career? Are they an important factor of why you became yourself today?

Actually, I really love competitions because they inspire me and give me the opportunity to show my best for the few minutes I am on stage. All this preparation for contests is my favourite, because I have to give 200% and after the competition – no matter how it goes I am already at a higher level than I was before.

4. From hosting the semi final of „Eesti Laul” in 2017, you became a participant this year and won. You know both perspectives of the competition. How did you decide to participate at „Eesti Laul”? How do you feel about winning the Estonian national final?

Last year I hosted the Eesti Laul semi-finals and I thought then that maybe I could bring something different to the show, but I didn’t know what. Then during summer I met Mihkel Mattisen and Timo Vendt and they thought it might be nice to do some interesting music together. They wrote the song and then me and my friend Ksenia wrote the lyrics and we sent the song to Eesti Laul.
After winning I felt very grateful. To feel that people are supporting you and love what you are doing, that they get the message of your song and that it touches people’s souls and hearts, it’s amazing and I am grateful and happy.

5. Your song „La Forza” is already one of the favourites to win Eurovision 2018. Does that put extra pressure on you?

I don’t think it has an impact on me either way. I am doing my best and preparing as much as I can to make my people proud.

6. What is the meaning behind the song? Can you reflect yourself with the meaning?

La Forza is about real love that enlightens our way, gives us wings, takes us to the sky and gives us a real power so that we can even move mountains. It’s about universal love – love for children, love for parents, love for nature. It’s all these kinds of love.
Everything I do, I do it with love, so yes I can see myself reflected in the song! 😊

7. Your staging at the national final was „huge”! Will we see the same „dress staging” in Lisbon too? Can you give us some details about your staging?

I hope that we will do it exactly the same way, because in Eesti Laul it worked perfectly and I hope that it will work in Lisbon too.

8. So what is next for Elina? How do you prepare yourself for Lisbon? Will we see you in any promotional tours?

I’m just doing my usual things. Performing, singing and practicing. I’m also making sure to remember to rest and charge my batteries a little bit, because I tend to overwork myself. So, I need to be in balance with work and rest. Unfortunately, this means that because of my existing work schedule I will be unable to attend any of the promotional events.

And after Eurovision, I have a lot of interesting projects. I have a solo concert, my first big solo concert in Tallinn where I am going to perform La Forza with a real orchestra, which will be an amazing event! This concert is going to tell about love, passion, anger – all these strong emotions that maybe we don’t feel every day. I am also going to Georgia with the Estonian National Orchestra to perform in a cultural exchange project connected with the Estonian 100-year jubilee. Of course, there will be lots of concerts and performances too as usual.


We thank Elina for taking her time to do the interview and wish her the best of luck in Lisbon.


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