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The interview season on EurovisionHeadline continues! We did an interview with this years Belgian representative Sennek where we talked about her musical experiences in the past and about her upcoming Eurovision attent in Lisbon and many more.

1-     You will represent Belgium at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. How did the Belgian broadcaster get in contact with you? What is the story behind the selection?

I was asked by our public broadcaster VRT to represent Belgium this year. It was a surprise for me to be asked but also an honor. Apparently, they had been following my music career for a while now. I didn’t say yes to it right away, because this is a big deal and I wanted to think I through. I’m very happy that I accepted and I hope to make Belgium proud.

2-     Your actual name is Laura Groeseneken. What does your stage name „Sennek” actually mean and why did you decide to perform as Sennek in Eurovision?

I’ve been making music for a while now under the artist name Sennek, which I chose because it has a slightly mysterious sound. And it’s also has a personal connection: it comes from my last name, Groeseneken. I think it’s nice that I’m going to Lisbon under this name. Because I was so closely involved in all the choices during this whole Eurovision process, it was a logical choice for me to use my own artist name for this adventure.

3. You work as a visual merchandiser for IKEA. How do you collobrate these two jobs together and which one would you call your main job?

Ikea is my main job, it’s heavy to combine but it keeps me down to earth.

4.You co-wrote your Eurovision song „A Matter Of Times” and also wrote a song for the Belgian band Hooverphonic. What is important for you while writing a song? Do personal experiences reflect the song in any way?

Personal experience is very important but not key. You have to know the emotions to bring them across to the audience. To me, the lyrics are very important.

5. The official video of your Eurovision song „A Matter Of Times” is dark and shining at the same time. You are the main person in the video. We are curious: what is the meaning behind the song in reflection with the music video?

The video clip should reinforce the song. I didn’t want a narrative clip, but one that’s based on an atmosphere. I wanted to take an artistic approach with a lot of photography and architecture. Palace résidence, where the video clip was shot, has that faded glory that is so beautiful.

6. Your song peaked in Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders) at number 26 and you are one of the favourites to win the contest according to the bookies. Does that put extra pressure on you and how do you feel about the huge success?

I can only do my very best and I hope that’s enough.

7. We have no LED screens in Lisbon this year – how will you reflect the song on stage? What can we expect from your staging?

It’s certainly not a problem that there’s no LED wall this year. I think it’s good that the attention will be focused on the song. After all, it’s a song festival, not a video festival. You will have to wait a few more weeks until the act is revealed in Lisbon 😉

8. What is next for Sennek? Any promotional tours for Eurovision?

Definitely! I have lots of rehearsals scheduled and will be attending some pre shows: in Madrid, Amsterdam and in Israel.

We thank Sennek for taking her time to do the interview and wish her the best of luck in Lisbon.

Listen to “A Matter Of Times” below:

Header: VRT/Marie Wynants

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