Fireworks and pyrotechnics available in Lisbon, but no green screen effects!

Eurovision 2018

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Thunder and lightning it’s getting exciting! More details about the stage revealed! Check them out below.

Only a few weeks left until the first participants and delegations will arrive in Lisbon, Portugal at the Altice Arena to do their first rehearsals for Eurovision 2018. We wanted to know more details about this years staging and were curious if Portugal is going to add pyrotechnics and fireworks available for delegations at the staging after the organisation commitee did a staging inspired by Salvador Sobrals message after he won: “Music is not fireworks, music is feeling.” and did a simple staging without LED screens.

Indeed the stage designer for this years Eurovision Song Contest Florian Wieder told our team via Facebook that there will be fireworks and pyrotechnics available for delegations to use it. Therefore we can expect lots of music with fireworks, fog and pyro.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to see those called “green screen” effects on screen like the white effects at Bulgarias Eurovision performance from last year.

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This may cause trouble for the performance of Norway as we saw those effects in the national final performance. We will have to see how they will solve the issue.

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We will have to wait and see how the delegations will present their songs on stage without green screen effects and without LED screens. Creativity is in the foreground this year.

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