Eurovision 2018 stage will include projections for delegations

Eurovision 2018

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Eurovision 2018 is coming closer and more details about the stage are revealed!

Only a few weeks left until the first delegations will arrive in Lisbon, Portugal to rehearse their acts. Until then many speculations and details about the stage in Lisbon are revealed. We already know that there won’t be green screen effects but pyro technics and fireworks available for delegations.

One more detail is being published yesterday. Instead LED screens, delegations will be able to use projections in their performances to show the content they want to. Projections are not strange in the Eurovision scene. They were already used in Eurovision 2013 where the stage also didn’t have LED screens but projections instead to show content on the wall.

Source: Barco 

Delegations will be able to use Panasonic PT-RZ31 projections in their performances which are installed on the middle of the stage.


We will have to wait and see how the projections will look on screen.

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