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The interview season on EurovisionHeadline continues! We did an interview with this years Hungarian representatives AWS where we talked about their musical experiences in the past and about their upcoming Eurovision attent in Lisbon and many more.

  1. AWS was born in 2006. How did you start with music? How did you decide to form a group together?

It seemed an obvious choice as all of us were crazy for metal and playing music. We went to the same school and already played music together in some other bands so we knew that we can be good together and formed AWS.

  1. Your music is quite different from the mainstream music we have nowadays. What do you think about our current music industry and what would you like to change?

We think there is less valuable music these days, most of the mainstream is pop-centric, it’s “fast music” for selling in high quantity but lower quality. We do hope that our part in this contest can raise attention to the genres existing on the periphery of the music industry so the audience can see that there are many songs which are really good and have serious messages.

  1. Your music is characterized by power, metal and psychedelic rock. You actually combine different kind of rock together. How do you identify yourself with your diversity of genres and what do you want to achieve with your songs?

We don’t like to pigeonhole ourselves, but if we have to, we would say that we play modern metal. As this term covers all the kinds of music that we like to play. One of our main goals is to introduce the metal subculture to an even wider audience.

  1. You will represent Hungary at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with your song „Viszlát nyár“. Your genre is clear in that song as well. Are you afraid of bringing post-rock to Eurovision, a genre which we don’t hear at Eurovision often?

No, not at all. We are really glad to do this. We consider it to be an advantage that we are the only ones representing this genre.

  1. What is the meaning of the song? How do you identify yourself with the song?

Viszlát nyár is about dealing with death and the loss we feel after we lose one of our loved ones. The father of our singer Örs passed away last year and this event inspired the song. Our goal is to raise awareness to the fact that in our culture the topic of death is commonly considered to be a fearful thing. But we think we should pay more attention to it and talk about it more openly so we could really value the time we have together knowing that it’s not infinite.

  1. Your official video shows us scenes from your childhood. What is the story of the official video in combination with the meaning of the song?

We believe in honesty and wanted to create a video that fits the message of our song even if we have to use our personal family pictures.

  1. You are also known for your powerful performances. What can we expect from the staging in Lisbon? Can you give us some details? Will it be similar to the one from the national selection?

Well, we can’t tell too much for now, but we are going to do a true AWS show on the Eurovision stage in Lisbon. As we all know there won’t be LED-walls so we can focus even more on the music and the pyrotechnical elements… (laughing)

  1. What is next for AWS? Will we see you in any promotional tours?

Yes, we are going to Amsterdam and Madrid and can’t wait to meet the other contestants.

We thank AWS for taking their time to do the interview and wish them the best of luck in Lisbon.

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