Cyprus: Eleni Foureira to use fireworks on stage!

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Eleni Foureira has revealed more details about her staging in Lisbon.

During a live stream from where Eleni Foureira answered the questions of her fans, she also revealed many details about her staging in Lisbon and gave us first ideas of how the staging will look like.

While the Greek singer confirmed that she unfortunately won’t fly, she revealed that she is indeed going to use fireworks and pyrotechnics on stage in Lisbon. She added that from the beginning until the end everyone will be shocked and will watch the performance with attention. We can expect a “wow” staging from Cyprus this year.

Eleni Foureira is working with Sacha Jean-Baptiste who also did the stagings of Armenia and Lithuania in 2016, Armenia, Georgia, Australia and Bulgaria in 2017. She will be responsible for the stagings of Australia, Cyprus and Bulgaria this year. Eleni added that Sacha did an amazing job and that Sacha did an awesome staging.

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