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The interview season on EurovisionHeadline continues! We did an interview with this years Swedish representative Benjamin Ingrosso where we talked about his musical experiences in the past and about his upcoming Eurovision attent in Lisbon and many more.

  1. Benjamin you started with music quite early. You acted at several musicals and plays like Nils Karlsson Pyssling and also won Lilla Melodifestivalen in 2006. How did you start with music that early? What inspired you the most to take part at various singing competitions at a young age?
    I´ve always loved music and am self-learned in both piano and guitar. I guess it was naturally for me to follow my parents lead and create of my own. 🙂
  2. In 2014 you decided to move from acting to singing completely. How did this happen? Why did you decide to focus on singing and songwriting?
    I had so many songs on my phone and in my head and wanted to get them out! Haha. So I contacted a few labels and they liked my music – I got singed to TEN and its been an great adventure so far!
  3. You are actually the cousin of Swedish House Mafia band member Sebastian Ingrosso. Does he know that you are going to represent Sweden and did he give you any advice for Eurovision?
    Yes he’s my cousin and we see each other now and then. He supports me and my music a lot and that is great! I love his music as well.
  4. You already participated at Melodifestivalen last year with „Good Lovin“ and returned this year and won. Did your experiences in 2017 help you for your participation this year? What was the difference this time?
    Yes – last year i was much more nervous and everyting was so new. This year I felt more confident and secure about my song and performance!
  5. As we can see from your performances you can dance very well. It’s no wonder that you won Let’s Dance in Sweden in 2014. How do you combine dancing with music? Is it important for you to dance while singing and what does it add to your performance?
    I want to dance when I sing – makes me express more on stage! When I feel more vibe it’s easier to entertain and I think everything is connected. 🙂
  6. Your music is well received in Sweden. You already got gold status for your single „Fall In Love“ in 2015 and for „Do You Think About Me“ in 2017 and even got platinum status for „Good Lovin“. Your Eurovision entry just got gold status. How does it feel to be one of the most recognized artists in Sweden? In which way does it affect your career?
    It feels great! It´s like a recieve of people liking what I do. I love when people stop me on the street and tells me they like my music. It´s a blessing!
  7. Let’s talk about your Eurovision song „Dance You Off“. When we compare it with „Good Lovin“ the story is quite similar. Tell us, what is the personal meaning of the song for you? Is it like a sequel of „Good Lovin“?
    Yeah you can say that. It´s like a good lovin 2.0. Haha. It also was a song that i wrote when I was heartbroken about my ex. I was sad and wanted to dance her off. But now we are together again and happier than ever. She loves the song as well. 🙂
  8. We are curious about your staging in Lisbon. Can you give us some details? Will it be similar to your Melodifestivalen staging?
    It will be similar. A few small changes. They will actully build up a new stage for me in Lisbon – which is awesome!
We thank Benjamin for taking his time to do the interview and wish him the best of luck in Lisbon.

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