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The interview season on EurovisionHeadline continues! We did an interview with this years Georgian representatives Iriao where we talked about their musical experiences in the past and about their upcoming Eurovision attent in Lisbon and many more.

1. Iriao, you were formed in 2013. How did you start with music? Who had the idea to form a group and how do you know each other?

The idea of creating IRAIO was brought by David Malazonia, the band leader and composer, and Bidzina (Buba) Murghulia, the band vocal singer. They invited us, the rest, to the band. Most of the members know each other from early childhood and in my opinion, this very much unites us and the music we perform.

2. You are known for your unique different style as you combine traditional Georgian polyphonic singing and jazz. How important is the factor difference for you as we have mainly mainstream music in the music industry?

The mission of creating a music for Eurovision has been really very much challenging. Once IRIAO was announced as a representative from Georgia, we dived into internet, went through all that blogs, articles and comments, watched every single video on IRIAO. Then we set, discussed and analyzed both the criticism and praise, and defined the path we would go with.

In general, the music of IRIAO is diverse, I would say. There are compositions more ethno, and the ones with more jazz and as well as kind of modern. There are even songs incorporating both ethno and contemporary style music. Thus, David Malazonia, the band leader and composer, together with us the members, decided to carefully pick elements of all these styles, trying to make Eurovision understand it.

3. Last year a jazz song won the Eurovision Song Contest bringing the first victory for Portugal. How do you see your winning chances at this years competition by bringing a traditional folk and jazz song to the competition? Are you afraid to take that risk?

We are very much optimistic and positive about the song and in general how IRIAO will get in Eurovision family. Reading the comments, we are very much pleased and thankful, since the majority of them we find rather positive and happy. For us, this song and the performance will be successful if it can reach peope’s hearts, warm up and make them think of it even for a moment.

4. You will represent Georgia at Eurovision with the song „For You“. What is the story behind the song and how do you identify yourselves with it?

The song is about the moment when you forget about every single duty and worry of your life and give a hand to others needing it. The moment when you get feelings of others and give away everything you can, to others.

Doing this, you stand stiff for a second, get enormously positive emotion, warmth, and start strongly feel how your heart beats (this is the heart beating you can hear during the chorus part in the song). Eventually, you realize that this moment is worth for living…

5. In your official video we see you in a massive hall with women covered in white dresses. What is the story of the official video in reflection with the meaning of the song?

This is how our art director saw the song and made an accent on minimalistic interior. The hall with high lights, sun and warmth.

6. How do you prepare for Lisbon? Do you take lessons?

Yes we are having rehairsals, but this will become more frequent the more we get closer to then contest. Very much looking fowrard to meeting other participants and the people in Lison.

7. We are curious about your staging in Lisbon. Can you give us some details?

Will keep this before 10th of May 😊 Hope the Eurovision audience will enjoy it.

8. What is next for Iriao? Will we see you in any promotional tours?

Yes, Iriao will be attending the promotional tour in Israel between 8-13 April.

We thank Iriao for taking their time to do the interview and wish them the best of luck in Lisbon.

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