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The interview season on EurovisionHeadline continues! We did an interview with this years Maltese representative Christabelle where we talked about her musical experiences in the past and about her upcoming Eurovision attent in Lisbon and many more.

1- Christabelle, you started to perform at a very young age and you were also in show business quite early. You hosted two famous TV shows in Malta and then made music. How did you combine these two jobs together? With which job did you identify yourself more?

I’ve been singing on stage since the age of three, so it was really my first love. While I really did enjoy hosting shows on TV, after a few years, I felt like I had to return to music. It’s the one thing in my life that genuinely sets my soul free and through which I can communicate best.

2- You already won several awards in Malta like the „Best Solo Artist Award“ at the Bay Music Awards in 2008 – 2013. How does it feel to be one of the most recognised artists in Malta and how do these awards affect your career?

It’s definitely wonderful to win an award, but the thing I am most grateful for is the support I receive from my fans and followers. Without them, I definitely wouldn’t have made it very far!

3- You already tried to represent Malta at Eurovision and Junior Eurovision before several times. This year you finally got the ticket to Lisbon. Do you think that you improved through the years of experience and how does it feel to finally represent Malta at Eurovision?

Experience has definitely helped! I also took a break from Malta Eurovision Song Contest last year, which helped me focus more on my music and the other elements in my career. So, when I decided to enter this year, I was more determined than ever.

4- Your song „Taboo“ got the ticket to Portugal and is already very popular in Malta. What is the story behind the song? How did you come up with the idea to participate at MESC with this song?

The song is about breaking down the taboos that surround mental health. I think that, when people feel emotionally or mentally unwell, they often feel embarrassed to speak up and tell their loved ones for fear of being branded ‘weak’. That was certainly the case for me when I wasn’t feeling well, and this song is that story. I co-wrote it with the help of Johnny Sanchez, Thomas G:son and Muxu, and I hope it will inspire and empower those who listen to it to not be afraid of speaking out or of helping anyone who needs their help. I’d love to break the Taboo of mental illness.

5- We must say that your official video of the song is the best one in the whole competition. A lot of effort was put out in. How is the story of the song reflected in the official video?

Wow, what a compliment! Thank you so much! With the invaluable help of team PBS, director Gordon Bonello, and artistic director Steven Levi Vella, the concept behind our music video was to represent different factions of society and their own personal struggles. Their leaders are exploiting their weaknesses by forcing them to battle each other, whilst exposing them to the emperor, a representative of the society which decides to blindly judge the tribes in the video. The cheering crowd symbolises individuals who choose to believe the prejudices in society, rather than forming their own opinion.


The box is a representation of the state of mind one goes through when fighting his personal battles. My role in the music video was to willingly enter the ring, on a mission to break the taboo and lead the rest of the factions to winning over their own personal struggles, without the fear of seeking help.

6- We are curious about your staging in Lisbon. Can you give us some details? Will it be similar to the one in the national final?

My lips are sealed about this, sorry! What I will say is that the theme will be a continuation of the staging in Malta and the video.

7- How do you prepare yourself for Lisbon? Do you take vocal and dance lessons for example?

Yes, I practice both every day – or as close to every day as I can. It’s a race against time at the moment with so much to do. Having said that, the pressure really keeps me going!

8- So what is next for Christabelle? Will we see you in promotional tours around Europe?

The only thing I’m working towards right now is making my country proud on the Eurovision stage in Lisbon. Everything else is on the back burner… What’s sure, is that when I’m back from Lisbon, I will need to get cracking on my wedding, which will take place in September this year!

We thank Christabelle for taking her time to do the interview and wish her the best of luck in Lisbon.

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