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The interview season on EurovisionHeadline continues! We did an interview with this years Swiss representatives Zibbz where we talked about their musical experiences in the past and about their upcoming Eurovision attent in Lisbon and many more.

1. You two are actually siblings. How did you both come up with the idea to create Zibbz and what does Zibbz mean? What inspired you the most to start with music?

ZiBBZ is a made up name. It comes from siblings. Our parents met in a Rock’n’Roll band – hence we grew up surrounded by music. We used to take our dad’s guitar and played on handcrafted drums. We both always actively worked on the Summer shows at our school. As a teenager Stee founded his own band and Coco was working on Kids Musical Projects and after her studies on «We will rock you» (Queen) and «Grease». We founded ZiBBZ ten years ago.

2. You are based in Los Angeles and also had a reality show about your lives in Los Angeles. How did the reality show develope? Why did you decide to do it and how did it affect your career?

We had no idea about how to do a reality show (or any tv show for that matter) when Joiz reached out to us. They had found our music video on facebook and liked our vibe. It was a great honour to be part of something new, innovative like Joiz was and it definitely affected our carreer and the way we handle social media. We learned so much along the way!

3. Your albums did quite well in Switzerland peaking up to 11 at the official Swiss charts and you also did the official theme song for the 2012 Men’s World Floorball Championships in Zürich. How does it feel to be one of the most recognized artists in Switzerland?

Wow! Thank you for the compliment! 🙂 For us, making music isn’t about being recognized or admired. We love to share music, we love the magic that happens at concerts and we love to inspire people.

4. Corinne you have performed with several famous artists like Prince, Thirty Seconds To Mars and LP. How did these experiences influence your career? What did you learn from them?

They have absolutely influenced my life and the way I perform. I have learned so much singing with great singers like Donna Summers, Marc Storace, LP etc. They were all very humble, inspiring and I remember the chills I had on stage singing with Donna every night. I just felt so lucky to be able to stand up there with her, I even got to sing the duett ‘enough is enough’  and later found out I would be the last one to sing with her as sadly, she passed away  about a year later. What an honour!

5. You are going to represent Switzerland with „Stones“ in Lisbon. What is the meaning of the song?

The message is something which moves us all deeply and sadly still is a problem in today’s world. It’s about inclusion, equality, diversity and tolerance. It’s a call to stand up against bullying and hate.

6. What is the story of the official video in reflection with the song? How do you identify yourself with the story?

We have experienced bullying just like many other kids have. The only thing one can do is learn to stand up for themselves or talk to someone who will (like a frined, mom/dad, teacher). WE as humanity have to stand up and speak out about this problem. As long as we are quiet, the bullying continues. And ofcourse the worst kind of bullying is self-bullying, which we can only stop by learning to love ourselves for who we are. with our flaws, our scars, our decisions.. its all part of who we are.

7. We are curious about your staging in Lisbon. Can you give us some details? Will it be similar to your national final staging?

We have designed an amazing little set-up for the Swiss final show and we know were going to give 120% and enjoy every minute. That’s all we can do. The rest is up to the audience!

8. What is next for Zibbz? Will we see you in any promotional tours?

Yes we already have a little tour in Germany & Switzerland set up for October/November.. we will also be playing some festivals in the summer and maybe even get to visit some other countries if we do well in the ESC! Fingers crossed!!

We thank Zibbz for taking their time to do the interview and wish them the best of luck in Lisbon.

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