Jacques Houdek:”Shame on you Salvador Sobral! … The EBU should have disqualified you! … You are fake”

Eurovision 2018

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Jacques Houdek who represented Croatia last year at the Eurovision Song Contest shared his thoughts about last years winner Salvador Sobral!

Last years Croatian entry Jacques Houdek who managed to qualify to the grand final has shared his opinion about last years winner Salvador Sobral. His opinion came after Salvador expressed his negative comments about the Israelian entry of this years competition “Toy” by Netta, calling it “horrible”.

Jacques expressed that it was unfair that Salvador Sobral didn’t do the rehearsals and that he shouldn’t have participated at Eurovision if he has a health issue:“Let me tell you something Salvador Sobral – last year, when you missed out on ALL of the ESC rehearsals, and your sister did them for you – the European Broadcasting Union – EBU should have disqualified you! It was unprofessional and extremely unfair to all of us who were there, doing all the hard work! It was also very sad and unfortunate that you were sick, I have to say, but if you are having health issues – YOU DON‘T TAKE ON such a huge project like Eurosong! Even in your own victory speech you were unpleasant to all of us, your fellow Eurosong contestants – but NOW, you are being far more rude by picking on Israel‘s representative Netta Barzilai נטע ברזילי and her song, it is just outrageous!”

Jacques also expressed his feelings about Salvadors statement that he is happy not to be forced to listen to all the songs of this years competition as he had to do last year. Jacques stated:“The fact that you had to struggle to listen to last year songs and now you are so happy that you don‘t have to listen to any of this year‘s „horrible“ ESC songs just tells us all that you are a very small person! All of these young artists have dreams and they are under enormous pressure at this moment, so who are you to put shade on any of them? You may think you are a true artist, that is your right, but to me you just seem like a poser. Do you really think you are cool by acting so non-interested and distant? Not! Do you really believe that this kind of behaviour makes you a bigger artist in the public eye? It does not!”

You can read his full statement below:

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