186 million people watched Eurovision 2018!

Eurovision 2018

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The European Broadcasting Union has announced that 186 million people watched this years Eurovision Song Contest!

The Eurovision Song Contest 2018, the worlds biggest live music event was watched by 186 million people this year – an increase of 4 million people compared to last years competition in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The grand final reached a TV audience share of 35.8%. The contest was the most watched Eurovision Song Contest in several countries. Israel for instance delivered its largest audience since 2005 with an average of 1 million people tuning in for the grand final, making a share of 50.9% in Israel. Cyprus had its highest viewing figures since 2003 with 250.000 viewers tuning in and making a TV share of 77.4% in Cyprus. France for example had its highest ratings since 2009 with 5.2 million people watching.

The largest increase on viewing figures came from Spain with almost doubling its viewing figures to 6.4 million viewers compared to last year (42.2% share). The largest viewing share came from Iceland once again with 95.3% watching the grand final despite Icelands non-qualification.

The Eurovision Song Contest was watched from 198 territories on YouTube. 6.6 million people watched the 3 shows via the live stream which is an increase of 10% compared to last year.

Source: ebu.ch

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