Turkey: TRT confirms non-return to Eurovision 2019 because of Conchita Wurst

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Ibrahim Eren, general director of TRT confirmed that Turkey has no plans to return to the competition in the near future.

Director general of TRT Ibrahim Eren answered a question about Turkeys future Eurovision plans. Ibrahim Eren stated: “There are no plans to return yet. There are reasons like the voting system. And as a public broadcaster, we can’t broadcast a show where there is a bearded, skirt wearing, non-gender accepting Austrian winner who says “I’m a woman and a man” at 21:00 as there are children watching it. I told the EBU that they distanced themselfes from their values. Other countries also decided not to participate because of this. There is a mind confusion because of the organizers. If this will change we will return.”

TRT made clear that there were way more reasons for their non-return to the competition than the voting system and the Big 5 rule – because of the huge LGBT support at the competition. Therefore he also made very clear that Turkey won’t return in the near future.

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Source: milliyet.com.tr

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One Reply to “Turkey: TRT confirms non-return to Eurovision 2019 because of Conchita Wurst”

  1. Dave says:

    I hope they return. So many great entries. Please come back Turkey. I didn’t like Conchita winning either, still – that’s overreacting

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