Turkey: TRT will participate at Eurovision Asia in 2019

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ESC Turkey reports that the EBU had confirmed via e-mail that TRT has confirmed its participation at Eurovision Asia!

Yesterday, director general at TRT Mr. Ibrahim Eren got elected for the executive board at the EBU. Shortly after the announcement, ESC Turkey contacted the EBU to ask if Turkey will participate at the Eurovision Song Contest in the future.

According to ESC Turkey the EBU stated: “TRT has confirmed its non-participation in 2019. But Mr.Eren wants to restart cooperation with the EBU on all the other sectors in 2019.”

The EBU also stated that they hope the strengthening cooperation will lead TRT to participate again at the future.

The EBU continued: “We heard that TRT has decided to participate in the Asia Song Contest in 2019”.

This information got us all excited as it hints that the contest will take place in 2019 with Turkey taking part in it.

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Source: www.escturkey.com

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