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Turkey: TRT will participate at Eurovision Asia in 2019

ESC Turkey reports that the EBU had confirmed via e-mail that TRT has confirmed its participation at Eurovision Asia! Yesterday, director general at TRT Mr. Ibrahim Eren got elected for the executive board at the EBU. Shortly after the announcement, ESC Turkey contacted the EBU to ask if Turkey will participate at the Eurovision Song […]

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MaNga confirms Turkeys Eurovision return for 2018!

Speculations don’t end but this time it seems like an official announcement. MaNga announced on their official Twitter page that Turkey will return to Eurovision stating that:”Eurovision. Let’s do it again ;).” This also leads the question if MaNga will represent Turkey once again. Several members of MaNga retweeted the tweet. Social media went crazy […]

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Atiye chosen by TRT to represent Turkey 2 years ago! Possible Turkish return next year?

Sinan Akcil, a well known Turkish singer, songwriter and composer, who composed the 2009 Eurovision entry from Turkey “Düm Tek Tek” by Hadise was a guest in a radio show of AlemFM in Turkey. During the interview he told suprising news about TRT and Eurovision. Sinan Akcil stated that Atiye was chosen by TRT, the […]

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“Turkish and Slovenian jury agreed to give points to each other”, Turkish commentator talks about Eurovision

On Monday, the 10th of April 2017 former Turkish Eurovision commentator Bülent Özveren spoke to a radio station about Turkeys participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. During the show Bülent Özveren talked about how TRT chose the entrants, the backgrounds of the proccess behind the organisation and about Jamala, the winner from the 2016 contest […]

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